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Welcome to the World of Celebrity Babies!

Hello everyone! This is a Fansite about all my personal Favourite Celebrity Babies! You can find all about them here. Click on a Name and there are Pics, Bios and the latest News! I try to make it all in English! Please leave a Message at my Guestbook when you want to leave this Page. Thank you"! Hope you enjoy!                                -Jacky

Sorry that I wasn't online so long but I was really busy! Now I have Summer Holidays and will make all the Updates!

Todays Pic:

Today is Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdales very first Birthday! We wish him a happy and magical Day! Have Fun little one!

Todays Video:

Kingston-The coolest Kid you'll ever see

Last Update: 7/25/2009 5pm

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Comment posted by jenny, 24.02.2010 um 15:17 (UTC):
voll süß besonders kingston ist so süß und stylish ich will das mein baby wenn es ein junge wird auch so stylish is

Comment posted by umIDK, 28.11.2009 um 15:28 (UTC):
Kingston is cutest

Comment posted by BeyoncesGirrrrrrrll, 26.08.2009 um 15:12 (UTC):

Comment posted by:21.08.2009 um 18:21 (UTC)

;)@Ducky&Megan: Which do you mean?

Comment posted by Kalil, 20.08.2009 um 15:22 (UTC):

Comment posted by anonym, 19.07.2009 um 08:15 (UTC):
where did you fou nd these pics? Kingston Rulez!

Comment posted by MJs fan, 06.07.2009 um 23:26 (UTC):
OMG This is adorable!!! Brooklyn Romeo & Cruz are so cute but Kingston is cooler and a little Styler! Rest in Peace Michael Jackson!!!

Comment posted by Jess, 04.06.2009 um 12:40 (UTC):

Comment posted by Alexia, 28.05.2009 um 12:35 (UTC):
AWWW Happy Birthday Kingston!!

Comment posted by Anonymous, 04.05.2009 um 12:47 (UTC):
Nice Site and adorable Pics of Harlow!!

Comment posted by Jett, 01.05.2009 um 19:37 (UTC):
wish you more visits every day you have to make more updates!

Comment posted by Ducky, 28.04.2009 um 13:26 (UTC):
Where do you found these Pix=)?

Comment posted by Megan, 24.04.2009 um 15:39 (UTC):

How did you found these Pics?

Comment posted by A, 22.04.2009 um 13:07 (UTC):
Wow i cant believe how cool this site is ! I love Kinston!

Comment posted by 33, 14.04.2009 um 17:49 (UTC):
Cool Site

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